Why choose Us?


Pure and warm heart

A black dog with a black eye on a white windy coat and a black eye with a full face. Thanks to snowballs that do not melt all the seasons, I always have a sense of existence, but the warmth of loving my friends is the best. I’m sure it’s next to me, but my friends keep going around. “Where’s Raffie?”

Why choose Us?



It is a curiosity that I like to meddle with all things in the world with my ears that I have wandered around all over the place. 
All the secrets are useless to Hara. “Shh, Hata, Onod!” It is a snowy winter, but it is only in the past. Face flush maybe a trademark of fate!

Why choose Us?


Happiness that gets sloppy when you poo

I have a small number of words and I am always alone. After acquiring a bursting look, he gets a misunderstanding about whether he is a bear or a pig, but the blood of a charismatic fox in a strong, sleek forest flows. Of course, the reality is a friend who has many hands ^^

Why choose Us?


Always dreaming dreamer

Rico, a child living in Broccoli Island on the outskirts of the Caribbean, lives a comfortable life. The point is that hair styles that are scattered or stretched depending on your mood, but a little lacking in importance! Unlike the name “Chino” that suddenly appeared unexpectedly, it is living in an uncomfortable cohabitation with a big whale, which is rather odd rather than cute.

Why choose Us?


Large but big ear

Sometimes when the mood is too good, the sharp fangs that I see are horrifying, but I like to help others.

Why choose Us?


How did they meet?

Let’s leave the adventure of the world with five friends ???